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Brita Bench
The Brita Bench makes an entirely different touch to living spaces with its vibrant and striking green color. It displays a unique harmony with the other elements of the Brita dining room collection. Feel more elegant in every meal with...
Brita Chair Metal Leg
If you want to create a luxurious, elegant, and minimal decoration, you can place the Brita chair with metal legs in your dining room. The chair gives you the kitchen of your dreams. Thanks to its self-patterned and stylish fabric...
Brita Bedstead
from $1,500.00
Brita Bedstead
The Brita Bedstead is perfect for bed bases with brown and beige colors. You can combine it with the other products in the collection. Support your bed with the Brita Bedstead and enjoy the elegance in your bedroom...
from $1,500.00
Pick Your Fabric
Brita Make Up Table Ottoman
The Brita Make-Up Ottoman is what you need while doing your make-up! It offers comfort and style at the same time. Covered with a natural-colored fabric and lovely stitching details, it will be your favorite! Discover the Brita Make-Up Ottomannow....
Brita Headboard
from $561.60
Brita Headboard
The Brita Headboard is perfect for bed bases with brown and beige colors. You can combine it with the other products in the collection. Support your bed with the Brita Headboard and enjoy the elegance in your bedroom!
from $561.60
Brita Rectangle Coffee Table
The Brita Rectangular Coffee Table stands out with its elegant, minimal, and plain design. It is a rounded-on-edge, sloping and rectangular table with stylish legs. Buy it alone or combine it with the other products in the collection! Color: Terni-Prato,...
Brita Coffee Table
The Brita Coffee Table completes your decoration elegantly with its stylish golden legs and square table with curved and rounded corners. Even if you do not have a large area for a coffee table, it fits perfectly to your living...
Brita Coffee Table Marble
The Brita Marble Coffee Table stands out with its modern design. It consists of a square, marble-patterned top and gold-colored metal legs. Let the Brita Marble Coffee Table accompany your tea or coffee time all the time! Color: Terni, Seating...
Brita Coffee Table Oak
The Brita Oak Coffee Table is the best accompaniment for your tea and coffee hours. It has a minimal and elegant appearance, thanks to the natural color of the oak tree. Besides, it gains a modern look with its golden-colored...
Brita Coffee Table Textile-Textured
The Brita Textile-Textured Coffee Table appeals to those who want to add an original and elegant piece to their living spaces. Thanks to its light-colored top and gold-colored metal legs, it has a minimal and modern style. Discover it now!...
Brita Wide Drawer
The Brita Wide Drawer not only adds a stylish touch to your bedroom but also offers sufficient storage space for your belongings. The drawer gains a more elegant look with its gold-colored legs and drawer handles with a modern style....
Brita Tall Drawers
With its high and narrow structure, the Brita Tall Drawers allows you to save space and store more of your belongings. Its design is completed with a marble-patterned, narrower drawer. If you are looking for an easy-to-use and stylish drawers...
Brita Makeup Table
Take better care of yourself with the Brita Make-Up Table! It will be one of your favorite pieces in your bedroom with its thin and elegant gold-colored legs. Combine the Brita Make-Up Table with a Brita mirror and enjoy a...
Brita Full Lenght Mirror
The Brita Full-Length Mirror with gold-colored metal body and legs matches your dressing room in the best way possible. After putting on your clothes and accessories, you can easily see your combination from top to bottom in the mirror. Use...
Brita Makeup Table - Dresser Mirror
Brita collection, which stands out with its gold-colored metal details, brings together modern and luxury in its make-up and dresser mirrors. Use the circular mirror in a gold-colored metal frame on the make-up table or dresser in your bedroom, dining...
Brita 2 Drawer Nightstand
The Brita Two-Drawer Nightstand belongs to your bedside. Thanks to its light-colored natural look, the two-drawer nightstand easily harmonizes with the headboards in different colors. Add a stylish piece to your bedroom now! Color: Pisa-Prato-Moonstone, DirectionSİLİNMELİWidth: 25,51', Depth: 17,36', Height:...
Brita High Leg Nightstand
If you are looking for a stylish high-leg nightstand for your bedside, meet The Brita High-Leg Nightstand. You can use this one-drawer nightstand to store your clothes and display your accessories. Create a stylish decoration by purchasing the Brita High-Leg...
Brita Dresser
Color: Pisa-Prato-Moonstone, Width: 44,02', Depth: 17,36', Height: 31,73', Overall Product Weight: 29 (kg), Leg Material: Metal, Leg Color: Gold, Leg Height: 25,59'' Tech Function: No, Frame Material: Chipboard Warranty: 2 Years
Brita Sideboard
The Brita Sideboard is among the complementary parts of the dining room. It adds elegance to your space with details specific to the Brita Collection. The chest of drawers offers practicality with its two-door and two-drawer storage area. Complete the look...
Brita Mini Sideboard
The Brita Mini Chest of Drawers is perfect to use in different corners of your living spaces. You can use it as a television unit in your living room or a dresser in your dining room. Display your favorite accessories...
Brita TV Unit Bottom Module with Double Drawer
The double-drawer submodule in the Brita collection helps you create the TV unit you need. You can add the 36,3' wide Brita Double-Drawer Bottom Module to your TV unit and experience style and function in your living room for more storage space!...
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